Instructions for use Prostamin

How to use Prostamin, instructions for use

instructions for use Prostamin

You get the maximum effect from the use of a drug for the treatment of prostatitis Prostamin, applying its instructions. It is attached to the package with capsules and explains in detail how to use the tool. In this case, if you have lost the user manual, user manual published on our site:

The course of taking the medication Prostamin is of 1 month. Take capsules two times a day, all washed down with a little water. To speed up the processing, experts recommend that you start doing a little exercise daily to improve circulation.


  • The pain during the process of urination, intermittent jet, increase of the desire.
  • Erectile dysfunction, weakening erection.
  • The pain in the groin area.
  • The inability to achieve ejaculation, changes in color of semen.
  • When any of these symptoms, it is recommended as soon as possible to start the treatment of prostatitis average Prostamin.


Herbal Capsules for the treatment of prostate cancer do not have contra-indications and designed for the use of any man in Portugal . But in order to avoid an allergic reaction make sure that you do not have allergies to the components of the tool.