The first signs of prostatitis in men

The prostate plays an important role in the functioning of the male body – normalizes the existence of sperm, and thins the sperm is involved in the regulation of hormonal level. Men suffer from this deviance, representative of the inflammation of the prostate.

the first signs of

The form of the prostatitis

Specialists distinguish several types of pathology:

  • Chronic bacterial chronic a view of the progress of the disease, caused by a bacterial infection
  • Chronic abacterial – chronic inflammatory process, created communicable causes;
  • The acute form of the disease – chronic pain of the seizures, concentrated in the genital area;
  • Asymptomatic form of the disease is difficult to be determined, in general, only after the regular examinations.

It is difficult to say that the leakage of the disease in each man. The presence of certain signs depends on a number of factors, both internal and external. For the convenience of the characteristics of the pathology, all the symptoms of prostatitis can be divided into 3 major groups: related to the violation of urination, disorders of sexual function, a mental health problem.

The symptoms of prostatitis

How to manifest the prostatitis? Doctors usually emit 6 signs announcing the prostatitis. If a man has noticed him, at least 2 feature of this list, to him it is necessary to consult a doctor:

  • Weakly falling to the bottom, the jet of urine with a small scope;
  • Obstructed points during urination;
  • The phenomena of a disease in the process of urination;
  • The duration of urination, water splashing urine, a discontinuity of the jet;
  • The partial emptying of the bladder;
  • Frequent urination, especially in the dark.
the prostate

The doctor will always be able to identify the first symptoms of prostatitis in men, and treatment after diagnosis will be conducted in a timely manner, with a positive result. These symptoms occur because of the violation of the urinary function, which is caused by anatomical the particularits of the structure and the location of the bladder and prostate. Significant and expression are also symptoms of prostatitis, associated with disorders of the sexual function.

The reasons for the appearance of the pathology

The experts say that the reasons for the education of the disease:

  • The weakening of the immunity – reduction of the barriers of protection which prevent the onset of many viral infections;
  • The infectious disease process the viral elements, the germs, the bacteria through the blood or the lymphatic channels fall in the prostate. The characteristic of this phenomenon – the temperature when the prostatitis is improved;
  • A sedentary life-style causing problems in the blood supply, deprivation of oxygen;
  • The failures in the bloodstream due to the flow of the moments in the genital area – occurs because of a disorder of the sexual life, a long abstinence from sex, irregular sexual intercourse.

Prostate inflammation can start due to the penetration of microbes, but also for the development of the infection need the microflora pathogen, which can be created due to the following factors – the presence of harmful addictions, constipation, hormonal disturbances, injury, hypothermia, and td.

The symptoms of the pathology

the discomfort

How to manifest the prostatitis? Significant symptoms suggestive of an aspect of the prostatitis – painful process of urination, the pain in this moment. Urination frequent evacuation of the bladder in small portions, demonstrates the evolution of the pathology. So always consult a doctor in this situation, otherwise the inflammation changed in the chronicle of the structure. The acute forms of the disease to determine much easier the manifestation of the disease is always sudden, dramatic. It is necessary to take into account the development of the disease is due to individual characteristics of the organism of each individual. There are symptoms of inflammation of the prostate:

  • The pain in the region of the perineum;
  • The increase of the temperature;
  • The process of defecation is accompanied by painful crises;
  • The abuses of power;
  • Frequent need to urinate;
  • Increased sweating;
  • A general malaise;
  • The sensation of the overpopulation of the bladder;
  • Irritability, sudden mood changes;
  • Elimination phenomenon of the urethra in the process of defecation.

Usually a few of these moments.

The increase of the temperature

The development of the acute form of the disease is characterized by an intoxication of the body, febrile state, the temperature at the prostatitis can reach up to 40 degrees. Acute view of the prostatitis need in a timely manner to prescribe a treatment, otherwise it may lead to negative consequences, up to intervention. A prolonged period of the adoption of the decision to undergo a medical examination may affect the modification of the chronic pathology, with a long period of development, requiring substantial financial costs for their treatment.

The pain crises during the development of the pathology

the analysis

Complicated the structure of the prostatitis accompanied the distressing symptoms. Pain in prostatitis in men are not mirrored by the exact location. In the absence of a process of treatment of the pain of the seizures have increased, spreading to other genital organs. When the execution conditions occur, the development of the acute phase of the disease, adenoma of the. We know that the pain in prostatitis in men – in the short term, sustainable. Regularly painful crises lead to uncomfortable mode of life, the development of the neurosis of the male sex, degrades the quality of life. Typically, the pain occur in the following points:

  • In the process of urination;
  • During the erection;
  • During sexual intercourse;
  • On the completion of the sexual act;
  • In the process of defecation;
  • Due to the long abstinence or, on the contrary, disordered sexual relations;
  • After hypothermia;
  • Because of the heavy physical stress.

The elimination of pain is possible through the following methods:

  • The prostate massage;
  • The herbal medicine treatment;
  • The hormonal methods to cure the pathology;
  • A special scheme for the normalization of the status of the person;
  • Antibacterial ways to remove the harmful elements;
  • The use of blockers to have with relief effect during urination.

Adenoma of the prostate or prostatitis?

The adenoma of the prostate is a benign neoplasm in the area of the prostate, usually this pathology observed in men after 45-50 years. As an important cause of the pathology education is recognized as a hormonal imbalance – over the years, the levels of male hormones varies falls. There are also risk factors that promote the onset of the pathology of obesity, stress, atherosclerosis, poor function. The manifestation of the pathology of the verdict, therefore, already in the first phases of their development, we can establish with certainty the diagnosis. The conduct of the adenoma of the prostate gland in men is characterized by a translational movement, the developing tumor causes new clinical moments.

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Diagnostic measures

The doctor can identify the symptoms of prostatitis in men and its treatment in a timely manner is assigned. For the determination of the prostatitis, you should consult with by the urologist, who will keep the inspection and to appoint other important points of the diagnostic procedure:

  • Review of medical writing of all clinical work;
  • The taking of the samples of urine;
  • Essay on the identification of STDS;
  • Detection of the presence or absence of infection, is removed from the urethra;
  • Analysis of the ejaculate;
  • The ULTRASOUND of the genital organs;
  • Urography;
  • Biopsy – in cases of suspicion of cancer of the phenomenon.

Through the results of these processes physician is the treatment of the disease in a given patient.

The means of treatment of prostatitis

That to cure this pathology? At the end of the diagnosis of the disease, the doctor determines the scheme of treatment of the pathology, is generally used an integrated approach, composed of the following elements:

  • Antibacterial therapeutic means specialist refers to the course of medication, including antibiotics to eliminate harmful trace elements, have led to the prostatitis. They lower the temperature;
  • Physiological impact, for example, by means of a laser, ultrasound, electromagnetic balancing.
  • Uses the traditional methods of treatment hot baths therapeutic herbal;
  • Massage product in the area of the prostate, it releases the duct flow, increases the blood circulation to the sexual organs;
  • Herbal medicine – the consumption of herbal teas, healthy, herbal medicine, dietary supplements helps to strengthen the immune system, fight against infection;
  • Psychotropic means – because of the prostatitis in men develop negative psychological problems, loss of confidence, appear the fears during sexual intercourse;
  • The surgical methods of treatment are applied during the execution and stages severe development of the pathology, for example, an abscess of the prostate;
  • The adjustment of the immune system – the doctor may prescribe the receipt of certain vitamins, minerals, trace elements useful for strengthening the immune system of the patient;
  • Balanced, good nutrition during of prostatitis, the refusal of alcohol, tobacco, fatty foods, limiting salt intake, drink more normal water – at least 2 litres per day.
the pain in the bladder

The onset of the disease

How to determine prostatitis known to any representative of the stronger sex. Pro the onset of the disease, may indicate the presence of such signs: urine stream is flexible, the range of fall is less than 20 centimeters;

  • urination intermittent and painful;
  • still the sensation of incomplete emptying of the bladder;
  • in addition to the urge to urinate during the night.

The more often the beginning of an inflammatory process causes an infection. It also promotes the flow of blood in the pelvic organs, the appearance of which contributes to a sedentary job and the excess of weight. When the violation of the circulation of the blood in the basin, a growing number of pathogens that can cause development of prostatitis. However, for as the disease began to manifest itself, the body must be loosened.
This contributes to: sub-cooling of the body, constipation, sedentary work, sedentary lifestyle, sexual abstinence, sexually active with different partners, the under-treated chronic disease, hormonal disorders, situations that might cause a depression of the immune system: lack of sleep, the recycling, the poor diet, the stress. Disorders of the prostate can be expressed in different ways. Therefore, the prostatitis in men are divided into 2 types, each characterized by its signs – acute and chronic.

Prostatitis acute

Prostatitis acute has three stages of clinical:

  • bluetongue;
  • follicular;
  • parenchymal.

To know how to recognize the onset of prostatitis acute, it is necessary to consider the symptoms characteristic of each stage. The beginning of the development of prostatitis acute occurs on the stage. In the human body significantly increases the number of bacteria that ensure its normal operation, and caused the beginning of an inflammatory process. Also cause inflammation can infection, classified in the prostate of the environment. As a result, the inflammatory process develops the slices of the prostate gland, it swells and expands, has disturbed the result of a river. How to manifest the prostatitis in men on the bluetongue stadium, show these symptoms:

an increase of the temperature
  • a slight increase in body temperature;
  • the pain in the perineum;
  • frequent need to urinate, accompanied by pain.

The symptoms are mild, but if the time for them to pay attention and start the treatment, and then to cure the disease may be 7 to 10 days.
If the first symptoms of prostatitis in men not identified, the development of the disease passes to the next step. Develops follicular form of the disease.
Some lobules of the gland begin to fester, formed purulent lesions. The symptoms are more intense and pronounced:

  • the body temperature rises to 37 °C — 38 °c;
  • the pain in the perineum are amplified, giving the sacrum, the anus;
  • the process of urination is accompanied by acute pain;
  • the pain during defecation.

Not having received adequate treatment, the disease progresses and moves to the third phase. The number of lesions in septic increases, they combine then an abscess of the prostate. Manifest the signs and symptoms of prostatitis: the temperature rises to 39 °c and above, chills, weakness, excessive thirst, pain in very intense economic, give in the rectum, due to severe pain, a person retains the urge to defecate, and as a result occur the constipation, it is possible to stop the urination. Therefore, start the treatment the better the appearance of the first symptoms of the disease, for the injury caused to the organism of the disease was minimal, and the healing has been obtained, as quickly as possible.

The diagnosis of prostatitis acute

the prostate massage

A particular step in the identification and treatment of prostatitis takes the diagnosis. If to diagnose the disease in time, this will help you to start the treatment immediately and prevent complications of the disease. For the diagnosis of the disease it is necessary to consult a doctor-urologist or andrologist. If a man attends to the question: "How do I know if a prostatitis?", it is best to go immediately on the advice of your doctor. On the basis of complaints of the patient, the doctor will initial review and appoint a necessary to the investigation. For effective treatment it is necessary to understand the cause of the disease. In the research lab, is assigned to the location:

  • the secret of the prostate;
  • the general analysis of urine;
  • a urine analysis in three parts.

Also in cultures of the urine, dapplemere, and an ULTRASOUND of the prostate. The ULTRASOUND when the prostatitis is acute fact transrectal or transabdominal. As a result, determined by the shape of the breast, its value, and focal changes. According to the results of the study is determined by the stage of prostatitis acute, and the continuation of treatment determines the physician.