The most effective for the treatment of prostatitis in men folk remedies

The traditional methods of treatment of prostatitis, over a hundred of methods to get rid of the disease once and for all. Here and physical exercise, treatments, herbal, enemas. On each method will talk about in more detail.

Healthy and diseased prostate

Physical exercise

Already mentioned several times that the main reason of prostatitis — poor blood circulation in the pelvic organs, causing congestion of the process. To allow the blood to circulate with maximum impact, it is necessary to stimulate the mobility of charges. If the prostatitis bacterial, this method is unlikely to show its effectiveness.

Against the prostatitis has developed a set of exercises:

  • Squats. One of the effective ways of treatment. Squat need as much depth, not worth it to hang in my knees. Just a deep squat will give a positive result. In the day, you must do up to 100 sit-ups. If this exercise you can not, decrease its performance up to 3 times per week. You can divide a hundred sit-ups on three approaches. If the next day you disturbed the pain in the legs is a sign of weakness of the muscles of the lower limbs and the lack of krovoobrascheniya of the pelvic organs, the prostate in particular.
  • Dilute squat "scissors". Each leg the exercise is done up to 20 times.
  • Lying on the belly, you need to just raise the legs. Up to 20 times.
  • Lying on your back, raise the legs to the knees were next to your face. Wrap the feet, hands and in such a position to freeze for 20 minutes. Turn out to be more — do you find the more, the more effective the exercise.
  • Of prostatitis in men is a very good massage in the perineum. First of all, early in the morning, after waking up, iup before eating, standing in full growth. He will deliver you out of the flow of the process in the prostate.

Why is it necessary to treat prostatitis remedies

The most common way to cure prostatitis is to take the herbal medicines.

The herbal preparations is credited with several actions:

  • The fight against viruses and inflammation.
  • The mitigation and removal of spasms.
  • The analgesic effect.
  • Styptic function.

In this traditional method, there is a drawback is its duration. Herbal medicine is an impact not only on the state of the prostate and the body in general.

A positive effect on the liver and the stomach. As a result, many faithful will be the receipt of herbal drugs various.

And get rid of the prostatitis advance, and the immunity of your build.

  1. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle
  2. Folk remedies for the combine with massage
  3. It is important to connect on a long-term treatment. Do not be afraid of side effects. Many components can cleanse your body and deduct all the excess.If the treatment you notice changes in the body is not the best, consult your doctor.
  4. the course of therapy takes a month, and in some cases, and more. It is very important to follow a course entirely.

Traditional medicine has always need a partner. In their role-play possible to exercise, eat well and regular intimate life.

The diagnosis of prostatitis

To establish a precise diagnosis is necessary to spend some quite complex and lengthy investigations on health: semen analysis, bacteriological culture of urine, scratching, and hazelnut on the presence of infectious agents, transrectal ultrasound of the prostate.

When the physician determines the cause and degree of neglect of the disease, he chooses for the patient the best solution therapy. The best results, drug treatment combined with physiotherapy, massages, use of medicinal plants and other means of traditional medicine.

The methods of treatment of prostatitis

During the treatment of prostatitis, like any other serious illness, the specialists most frequently prescribed thrapeutique. Effective for the treatment of prostatitis in the complex allows you to get rid not only the symptoms of the disease, but out of its case.

The treatment of the prostate in the complex can include the following elements:

  1. The application of anti-inflammatory, of local authorities and of joint action.
  2. The prescription of antibiotics.
  3. Different ways for physiotherapy: massage, magnet therapy, electrical stimulation.
  4. May be appointed to be immune to drugs.
  5. Bracing therapy with the application of vitamin, minerals and bio-stimulators.

Attention! All the above methods and ways of treatment of prostatitis can be designated by a specialist. Do not self-give medications – it can cause side effects and health problems.

The best medication for prostatitis without a doubt not to find. But! We will examine what are the best drugs of prostatitis, in the opinion of the doctors.

It is best to treat prostatitis? Antibiotics, pills and candles.

The antibiotics is removed acute or chronic inflammation, destroys pathogenic bacteria, which have caused the disease. The doctor may prescribe a medication in any pharmaceutical form: in the form of tablets, candles, capsules, ampoules for injection.

If antibiotics are powerless or prostatitis is non-transferable the original, this is the doctor prescribed anti-inflammatory non-steroidal type.

They are well-off an inflammatory process, and anesthetic action, to eliminate the pockets. The data of drugs may cause disorders of the digestive system, in order to take their needs in a short time.

The main and most unpleasant symptom of the inflammation of the prostate, you can call difficulty urinating. Adrenolitiki help the man to restore the function of the emptying of the bladder, as well as the quality of the erection.

They have an impact only on the sympathetic nervous system, toning the smooth muscles of the bladder and the urethra. In the wake of taking these drugs muscle tissue relaxes, stops spasmodically to decrease, the output of the urine improves, the inflammatory process is turned off, the pain is significantly reduced.

Consume the medicines listed should, within a period of at least seven months. With enough success prostate cancer can be treated with the help of candles. They are not only to relieve the pain sensation during urination, effectively eliminate the inflammation and swelling, improve emptying of the bladder, stimulate the blood circulation in the pelvic organs, but does not have a negative impact on the liver, kidneys and the gastrointestinal tract.

The plug of the power

At the present time are products of candles for the treatment of prostatitis with the various components of the composition, the doctor can determine the most appropriate for the patient. Usually, the preparations contain extracts of medicinal plants, the waste of bees, antibiotics, analgesics of the substance.

To correct the inflammatory process and the recovery of erections in rare cases, the doctor may prescribe hormonal medication. However, these drugs have many side effects and contraindications, so take it with caution. They are assigned only to a reduction in the synthesis of male sex hormones.

The medicine is not in place, and therefore, each day appear new and new tools for the treatment of prostatitis. Thus, for example, just recently the doctors have found that treating the men of the disease, curiously, may be the female hormones.

Already done studies that have shown that in 70% of cases defeat the disease – disturbances of the prostate, of the representatives of the half helped it is to receive female hormones.

Even a last development of the pharmacology in the fight against prostatitis became special urological adhesive. It came on the market in China. The research of this medicine took place almost 4 years in the netherlands. Then, in the experience, participation has taken more than a thousand men with the different forms of diseases of the genito-urinary system.

Clinical studies have proven, urological patch, arrived from China, is pretty effective in cases of:

  • bad (imperfect) of the erection;
  • rapid ejaculation;
  • chronic forms of prostatitis any stage;
  • male infertility;
  • pain in the scrotum or in the perineum;
  • impotence;
  • the adenoma of the prostate;
  • the nephritis.

For the treatment of the prostatitis treatment and services of medicines called urologist and only after a detailed examination of the patient and to identify the causes of the disease.

The healing is complete, the patient can achieve only in the event in a timely manner, the use of a specialist and the respect of all the measures necessary to address the recommendations and prescriptions of the doctor urologist.

Prescribe medication of prostatitis yourself you can't, it can cause side effects, including such as impotence and complete loss of erection.

The chronic prostatitis in the treatment of the debt. The first place is relegated, it is medication medication. It all depends on the degree of severity of the disease. Treat prostatitis remedies well in all traditional treatment and the adjustment of their way of life.

There are a number of recommendations, which increase the effect of medicinal plants:

  1. To the house of prostatitis treated broths, fruit juices, liqueurs, which apply inside.
  2. Herbal medicine, combined with electrophoresis, both to enhance the effectiveness of the therapy.
  3. During the preparation of alcohol tinctures uses the upper part of the plant, for the preparation of herbal teas — roots.

Traditional recipes of prostatitis for internal applications

The best remedies for prostatitis was prepared by the nature itself. For centuries, healers and charlatan have tried to help the men, finding himself alone with the diseases of the prostate. Into their number entered and the chronic prostatitis.

Effectively fights with a disease, a number of public products:

  • The pumpkin seeds. Traditional treatment of this product occupies the last place. As soon as the first signs of the disease, it is recommended to eat 30 seeds per day. It is a good prevention of prostatitis. Perfectly struggling with prostatitis in men — pumpkin-honey-balls. They are simply made. 0.5 kg of raw pumpkin seeds to scroll in a meat grinder and add 200 g of honey. In this mixture, roll small balls. In appearance, they must remember in the middle of the hazelnuts. Every day need to eat 1 — 2 bulbs. For the balls not soured, keep it in a cool place.
  • Crush the pumpkin seeds in a blender to almost a powder state. Take two tablespoons for a half-hour before you eat, drink water or water with honey, which is preferable. This is one of the effective methods for the treatment prostatitis in men. It's just a single during the year.
  • The bark of aspen. This component pitoitua should be mounted correctly. Herbalists to modern recommend the supply of a grove of aspen bark to the end of April, where do not appear the buds and first leaves. Carefully dried and grind. Take a container with a capacity of one liter and fill 1/3 of the bark of aspen, and the rest of the space fill in with water. Brewed with a blend of the two weeks, iup very well filtered. The infusion take three times a day a tablespoon. This method of treatment has a downside — tincture is quite bitter.
  • The persil. On this plant is already the human glory. It is capable of capturing the inflammation and swelling, the maximum in improving the state of men. In therapy uses, the seeds and the root of the plant. You can drink the juice of persil for half an hour before meals. Some of the ground seed in powder, then pour in boiling water and kept on the plate for 10-15 minutes.
  • Popular and effective therapy is garlic. To prepare the tincture use 5 cloves of garlic, which pour 0.5 liters of boiling water and let it rest for the night. After careful filtration, the medicine is ready. Is taken in a quantity of 50 grams every day before you eat.

When it comes to prostatitis in the chronic form, you heal the disease is already quite impossible, but really to reduce its unpleasant symptoms. "The folk remedies of chronic prostatitis are available and effective if they are used in a pair with the drug treatment.

The chronic prostatitis is treated with herbal medicine. The most effective are the tansy, chamomile, rosemary, bearberry. On the basis of these herbs are preparing decoctions, which are within a particular regime. Thus, the tansy, rosemary and bearberry bind in equal parts, enough 1 teaspoon of each component, blend 300 ml of hot water and insist for about 3 hours. Ready to "elixir" take on an empty stomach a couple of sips.

Among the most effective means of the therapy of the disease is the honey and all honey products. Its natural components are capable to cure the chronic prostatitis and improve the general condition of the patient: enhancing immunity, giving the body the minerals and vitamins.

For the treatment of chronic prostatitis in men uses of candles with propolis, honey and pollen in a sample. Effektivnym the national average of prostatitis is a cup of hot milk and added 1 tablespoon of honey.

If components of the beverage is not allergic, it facilitate the general condition.

  • The bark and leaves of hazel. The bark and the leaves by boiling water in a glass, to insist 30 minutes after the time filter. Drink a quarter cup 4 times in laziness. It is very important to the twigs of hazel were freshly picked. Thus, you can accelerate the process of withdrawal symptom of prostatitis.
  • Very good for the adenoma — the shell of a chestnut. The application of this substance is quite simple. For the firing of the shell of the chestnut brew and drink tea instead. This method has one disadvantage — there is a strong appetite. If you chose this method, so be prepared once in 2 weeks to do an enema venting.
  • We recommend that you enter in the diet of the stewed pears. Similar to the treatment of chronic prostatitis remedies will give results within 4 to 6 days. It is very important not to forget to drink compote of pears every day.
  • The jerusalem artichoke is a root vegetable that is effective for diseases of the prostate. It is easy to replace the potatoes and offer support. Both healthy and tasty. From the artichoke, squeeze the juice, pre-twisted the fruit in the mill, and drink 1/3 of glass in the course of the day. The juice is prepared in the morning for the day to drink.