The signs and symptoms of prostatitis

The symptoms of prostatitis are non-specific and meet a number of urologic and not of urological diseases. There are differences in the course of the acute and chronic forms of prostatitis.

The signs of prostatitis-acute:

  1. Weakness, fever, chills.
  2. Expressed pain in the perineum, covering the adductors and intensify during urination or defecation.
  3. The symptoms of prostatitis
  4. A frequent need to urinate, do not give to facilitate the cause of the incomplete emptying of the bladder. In severe cases may develop acute urinary retention.

Prostatitis acute without timely treatment, can end the severe complications — an abscess of the prostate, by epididymitis (inflammation of epididymis), patients with pyelonephritis (acute, delayed urination and sepsis).

The first symptoms of the chronic prostatitis can bring worn out and implied character. Unlike the acute form of chronic prostatitis may be asymptomatic, and to run more often without specific symptoms (that is latent). Patients do not pay to the discomfort of the attention and did not deem it necessary to seek medical help. The reason of the request to a physician are symptoms such as impotence problems, and are produced on the basis of this, disorders psycho-emotional.

The symptoms of prostatitis pain in the perineum, in the area of the pubes and of the groin. The characteristic of the pain is varied traction, a throbbing pain, without precise localization, covering the abdomen, the perineum, the urethra, scrotum, aggravated after the sexual act and the ejaculation. This is the last symptom that makes men go to a urologist.

In men with chronic prostatitis may vary the duration of sexual intercourse, it may be that the increase and the shortening. Some men mark the change of the brightness of sexual sensations. The male in the first place, it is necessary to pay attention that the urine stream has become weak or difficulties, such as at the beginning and at the end of urination. Many people celebrated the feeling of incomplete evacuation of the bladder.

The inflammatory process can lead to frequent urination, especially at night (develops nocturia), usually in small portions. All these symptoms are a clear say on the evolution of the pathological process and should be your doctor immediately. It is characteristic that all the symptoms of prostatitis are so exhausting that the patient is experiencing a lassitude, oppression are the attributes of anxiety. In some cases, hypochondriacal patients may have depression and a significant decrease in the quality of life. So if you have symptoms of prostatitis necessarily need to refer to a urologist. To establish the correct diagnosis and prescribe an effective treatment to consult a specialist.