A cure for prostatitis that every man should know

Before undergoing a course of treatment for any disease, it is very important to find out more information about the medication prescribed by your doctor.male prostatitisTherefore, in this material we have collected all the interesting and uncommon facts about the drug with prostate extract, a medicine for prostatitis, that every man should know.

History of drugs

Few people know that prostate extract is not a drug discovery in recent years. In fact, it began to be developed in the mid-1980s. For many years, Russian scientists have fought to bring this drug to maximum effectiveness, even if the first clinical trials did not bring the expected results.

Years later, they managed to achieve their goal, and in 1992 the drug appeared on pharmacy shelves.

Clinical tests

In the years of studying the drug with prostate extract, many clinical studies were carried out. It is noteworthy that during one of them, men with prostatitis were divided into two groups, one of which received the drug itself, and the second - a placebo. So it has been scientifically proven that the drug quickly relieves pain and inflammation, normalizes urination and restores erection. At the same time, the participants in the second group also began to notice small improvements, so strong was their confidence in the drug given to them.

Active substance

It is a natural medicine of animal origin. Its active ingredient is a peptide complex of proteins, soluble in water and isolated from the prostate of mature bulls.

It also contains glycine, which is responsible for cell renewal and oxygenation and helps the immune system function. And thanks to Dimexide, the drug penetrates faster into the cells of the patient's prostate gland, which increases the effectiveness of the drug.

Candles are safer

Rectal suppositories with prostate extract are not only rapidly absorbed through the intestinal wall, but also enter the prostate, bypassing the liver, which makes them safer than injections. It is much easier to self-administer the medicine rectally than to inject without special preparation or to go to a specialist for injections.

Low price

Many are convinced that free cheese can only be found in a mousetrap and that cheap things simply cannot be of high quality. Therefore, they are suspicious of the low cost of the drug, when other drugs for prostatitis cost two or even three times more. Indeed, the relative cheapness of the drug is due to its origin and lack of advertising.

Without prescription

The prostate extract medicine has been well known in the pharmaceutical market for over 20 years and can be purchased over the counter without a prescription. Despite this, the developers still recommend that you consult your doctor before taking it to correctly diagnose the patient and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

No prions

As we have already said, prostate extract is a drug of animal origin, therefore, the raw materials for the production of the drug are carefully controlled thanks to the latest technologies, which include farm control and stronger filtration in a special plant. The manufacturer guarantees the complete absence of prions, that is, harmful proteins in the composition of the drug.