Treatment of prostatitis with folk remedies

Prostatitis and prostate adenoma are a problem that almost any man over 40 can face. The causes of the disease are diverse - from congestion in the pelvic area to infectious diseases. Treatment of prostatitis and adenoma is mandatory, becausethese diseases have a lot of negative consequences.

Most patients ask the same question: how is it more effective to treat prostatitis with drugs or folk remedies? Of course, drug treatment produces positiveresults, but it is expensive. With traditional medicine, you can't cope with the problem any less effectively and for less money.
  • Overweight.
  • sitting.
  • Diseases of the genitourinary system, including sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Chronic prostatitis can be triggered by the abuse of tobacco and alcohol.
  • Problems with the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract (constipation).
  • Sexual abstinence.
  • Violation of the blood flow in the pelvic area. This leads to the penetration of harmful microorganisms, which provokes the development of inflammatory processes.
Symptoms of prostatitis

What are the symptoms of prostatitis in men - the question is still open. It is almost impossible to draw up a general clinical picture on the basis of the indications of 5-10 patients, because the symptoms are different for each patient. You can suspect that an error has occurred in the following cases:

  • Drawing pain in the perineum.
  • Excessive irritability.
  • fatigue.
  • Burning sensation in the canal when urinating.
  • The semen has become cloudy and thinner.
  • Painful urination, thin stream of urine.
  • White fibers are in the urine
  • to see
  • decrease in potency and pain during semen discharge during intercourse.

If you notice any of the above signs, you should not delay your visit to the doctor. You can use the survey to find out exactly what the problem is. The doctor can prescribe medication. Alternative treatments for prostatitis can be used as additional treatment.

Herbs for prostatitis

For more than a century, various effective recipes for medicinal decoctions and infusions have been used to combat the disease. Most medicines are made from medicinal plants. You have undeniable advantages:

  • helps fight viruses and inflammation effectively;
  • reduces and blocks cramps;
  • has an analgesic effect;
  • helps stop bleeding.

Prescriptions can be more effective when phytotherapy is used with some basic guidelines:

  • Folk remedies that can be independently prepared at home include decoctions, juices, tinctures and mixtures, most of which are taken internally.
  • By combining herbal medicine with electrophoresis, you can achieve maximum results in the shortest possible time.
  • tinctures are made from the top of the plant, while rhizomes are most commonly used for infusions.

Pumpkin for prostatitisThe best and cheapest tool. Pumpkin seeds are high in zinc, which is essential for men's health. When the first signs of the disease appear and to prevent the disease, it is recommended to eat about 30 pumpkin seeds a day. Semen are effective not only in prostatitis and impotence, but also in prostatic hyperplasia.

You can grind pumpkin seeds into a powder. A blender is ideal for these purposes. Consume 2 tablespoons half an hour before meals. You can drink it with plain water, but the best effect can be achieved by dissolving honey in water.

The following tool has been found to be effective. Raw pumpkin seeds are thoroughly crushed and mixed with honey, based on about 5 kg of seeds and 0. 2 kg of natural honey. The mixture is divided into small portions and rolled into balls (slightly smaller than a walnut). The balls can be stored in the refrigerator. Before eating, you need to dissolve one ball at a time. When using the specified amount of product, the funds received will be sufficient for the entire course of treatment.


You can also treat the problem of prostatitis as follows:Dry crushed bark is poured into a glass and mixed with water in the amount of 1 liter of liquid for 1/ 3 glass filled. Insist in a cool place without access to light for 2 weeks. After the allotted time, the infusion is filtered and consumed 1 tablespoon before meals. The use of bark infusion is not recommended for people suffering from problems with the deformation of microbial imbalance in the body (dysbiosis, other diseases in the chronic stage and individual intolerance to the components that make it up.


This recipe is one of the most effective for inflammation of the prostate.After a week with the infusion, a positive result is observed. To prepare the product, you will need chopped fresh bark and hazel leaves. The crushed mixture is poured with boiling water in the amount of 1 tablespoon per 200 ml of liquid and infused for about ¼ hour. The resulting infusion must be filtered, divided into 4 parts and consumed throughout the day. Such treatment of chronic prostatitis with folk remedies can lead to the desired result in the shortest possible time.


An effective remedy for prostate adenoma.Crushed fruit peels should be boiled and consumed instead of tea. Drinking the broth increases appetite, so you need to regularly clean enemas.


This plant has pronounced hemostatic properties and strengthens the immune system. Celandine, fruits of juniper, lemongrass, rhizomes of creeping wheatgrass. To preserve the collection, the components are taken in equal parts and crushed. 10 g of collection is poured into 0. 3 liters of boiling water and poured into it for a little less than half an hour. Let the medicine stand for 2 hours, then put weight on it. The agent is taken 100 ml one hour before meals.


Only wild varieties are used to treat male problems.Compote made from the fruits of this tree can be an excellent prevention and treatment for prostatitis. You can also use dried fruits. The problem does not appear as severe as early as on the fifth day.


Treating inflammation of the prostate with parsley is an excellent choice among other folk remedies because of its anti-inflammatory properties. There are several use cases. You can drink freshly squeezed root juice before meals.

A brew can be made from seeds by first grinding them. For the broth, you will need 4 teaspoons of the product to brew 250 ml of boiling water. Boil the infusion in a water bath for 15 minutes, allow to cool and strain. Dosage - no more than 6 times a day, at regular intervals, 1 teaspoon each. According to patient reviews, herbal treatment for prostatitis is the most effective recipe using parsley seeds and roots.


Garlic tincture helps cure prostatitis.To prepare, you will need 5 cloves of minced garlic. They need to be poured with 0. 5 liters of boiling water and left to stand overnight. Strain the product in the morning and take 50 ml twice a day on an empty stomach.

It is known that it is almost impossible to cure chronic prostatitis, but if there is a way to reduce discomfort, why not? Treatment of prostatitis with folk remedies is the most effective - a question that is most often found on the Internet. Decoctions based on tansy, chamomile, bearberry and rosemary relieve unpleasant symptoms.

The resulting decoctions are used according to a certain scheme. To make the product, you need to take each component in equal parts, mix and pour hot water. With an amount of 0. 3 liters, 1 teaspoon is taken from each plant. It is necessary to insist on it for at least 3 hours. It is received in several sips before meals.

The drug therapy can be combined with juices and fresh vegetables. It is recommended that you drink freshly squeezed drinks every day. The remedy includes cucumbers, beets, carrots and asparagus.

Herbal recipes in traditional medicine for prostatitis

Therapeutic exercises for prostatitis and prostate adenoma, massages and other methods will give the best result when combined with herbal infusions and decoctions. Several plant species have proven to be excellent.

Radiola pink
The crushed root of the plant must be poured with boiling water (1 tablespoon per 200 ml). Cook the product on low heat for no more than 15 minutes, then cool it down. The broth is filtered before use. The dosage is 100 ml twice a day.

The tincture is made from crushed leaves of a plant (250 g) and vodka (0. 5 l). The mixture must be infused for 5 days. Dosage - 1 teaspoon once a day. As a preventive measure, the tincture can be taken in the same amount, but less often, for example at intervals of 7 days.

There is another option to set. 100 g of fresh leaves are ground to a pulp and filled with medicinal alcohol (200 ml). The tool needs to be infused in a dark, cool place for about 3 weeks. It should be noted that the product must be filtered. Dosage - 1 teaspoon 3 times a day. It helps relieve pain and other symptoms associated with prostatitis.

Crushed plant roots are required for the production of the medicinal product. They must be filled with cold water so that the liquid completely covers them. It is advisable to leave it on overnight. In the morning, the roots swell, after which they need to be poured with boiling water, covered with a warm blanket and left for 60 minutes. The tool is applied three times a day with 100 ml.

Beekeeping products are one of the best folk remedies!

As you know, honey and propolis are widely used to normalize the functioning of the entire body, including improving the functioning of the heart and blood vessels. The beneficial substances contained in beekeeping products help to rejuvenate cells. Immunity is strengthened, the body fights microbes more effectively. Honey and its derivatives provide the human body with a large amount of minerals and vitamins.

is congestive prostatitis curable in men? The answer is yes when the treatment is combined with beekeeping products. Therefore, it is recommended to eat 1 tablespoon of honey in the morning on an empty stomach. The main condition is that the product used is natural. When treating prostatitis, it is recommended to consume 1 tablespoon of pollen before meals.

Dead bee or simply bee bodies are also widely used in folk medicine. To restore the body with prostate adenomas, the salt must be poured into water cooled to room temperature (2 tablespoons per 0. 5 liters of liquid). Put the mixture on fire and bring to a boil. Leave on for 2 hours, strain. Take 1 tablespoon premixed with a little honey. The dosage is 3 times a day. Keep refrigerated.

The positive effect can be achieved by drinking a glass of milk with honey added. If you are not allergic to these ingredients, you may experience relief from your symptoms after a few doses.

Propolis tincture can be bought free of charge at any pharmacy. It must be mixed with water (40 drops of the drug per 100 ml of liquid). Consumed 30 minutes before meals. The course lasts a little over 6 weeks. Propolis can also be used for enemas. 40 g of the product are mixed with medicinal alcohol (1 glass) and cocoa butter (2 g). A small amount (no more than 2 g) of the resulting mixture must be added with water (100 ml). An enema is performed daily for 60 days. A 30-day break is then required and the treatment must be repeated again.

In the fight against bacterial prostatitis, honey candles have proven to be excellent. They cannot be found in the pharmacy so you need to prepare. A small egg is broken in a container and you need to add a teaspoon of honey there. When choosing a product, make sure it is natural. An unsweetened product is ideal. Rye flour (3 tablespoons) is added to the mixture. As a result, you will get a firm dough from which the candles will roll. The finished medicine must be stored in the freezer. Candles are lit twice a day - morning and evening.


After consultation with the attending physician, it is recommended to include hot baths in the treatment in order to achieve maximum effect. To do this, you can use decoctions, which include chamomile, thyme and sage. The herbs are premixed in equal proportions. The mixture is poured with boiling water (2 tablespoons per 400 ml) and infused for 60 minutes. The broth is poured into the basin, after which the patient can stay in it for at least half an hour. The treatment lasts about two weeks. Showering must take place after the bath.


Drug treatment includesantibiotics for chronic prostatitis. The list includes macrolides, penicillins, cephalosporins, tetracyclines, and other drugs that are prescribed by a doctor depending on the stage of the disease.

To protect yourselfDue to an expensive and long-term treatment, prophylaxis is recommended. Traditional medicine is perfect for this.

Ivan Teekraut. The broth needs dried leaves and boiling water in the amount of 2 teaspoons of raw materials per 0. 5 liters of liquid. The infusion must be cooled, strained and taken twice a day, morning and evening.

A mixture of honey and propolis is perfect for preventing inflammation of the prostate. The medicine must be taken in small doses with food.

walnuts worked fine too. Peeled grains and sunflower seeds (1 kg each) must be thoroughly chopped or chopped. Take 1 tablespoon in the morning on an empty stomach and 1 grated onion.


It is recommended to combine medication with physical exercise during treatment, because stagnation of blood flow is a major cause of prostatitis. You can improve blood circulation with some exercise. These methods are not effective for the bacterial nature of the disease, but they give positive results for the non-bacterial type.

Perineal massage

A combination of folk remedies and special gymnastics exercises achieves the best effect. The load should be aimed at strengthening the pelvic muscles like squats. Squats should be done as deep as possible. Do not finish the exercise at knee level. Ideally, at least 100 squats per day. For physically weak people, you can repeat the exercise every 2-3 days. You can do the exercise in several sentences.

You can do the scissor exercise between the squats. Scissors are performed about 20 to 25 times on each leg. You can also do the candle exercise. Lying on the floor, the legs are raised at least 20 times at an angle of 90 °.

Lying on your back, you can do another exercise. Pull your knees up to your chin, wrap your arms around them, and freeze them for 25 minutes. The efficiency depends on the duration of the approach.

Perineal massage is one of the most effective options in fighting prostatitis. The massage is carried out in two steps while standing - immediately after sleeping and after breakfast. Such gymnastics will help get rid of stagnant processes in the prostate.

Folk remedies or drug therapy?

If the disease just makes itself felt or there is an exacerbation of chronic prostatitis, the symptoms of which are manifested in different ways in men, it is necessary to seek the services of professionals based on the data obtained during the examination and theAnalyzes can prescribe the required treatment for the patient based on the specific case.

Folk remedies can be a complement or alternative to drug treatment, but it is worth taking into account that this will take a long time and require an integrated approach. In either case, treatment is based on taking medication. The greatest effectiveness can be achieved by combining traditional and traditional medicine. The patient must rethink his diet, make it more rational and exclude alcohol, tobacco products, fatty, spicy, fried and salty foods from consumption.

In addition to using drugs and folk remedies for inflammation, the diet should constantly include honey, nuts, bran, fish and dairy products (fermented baking milk, kefir).

Using traditional medicine to aggravate prostatitis has certain advantages:

  • Excellent compatibility of the decoctions and infusions used. The funds are well tolerated by the body. An exception is the individual intolerance of the components.
  • Minimal risk of side effects, while drug treatment can cause allergic reactions.
  • Restoration of the protective functions of the body.
  • Elimination of possible comorbidities.
  • Combination of different recipes for the treatment of prostatitis and adenoma.

Traditional methods have one significant drawback - the duration of the treatment. However, when comparing phytotherapy to taking medication, there are certain benefits. Drugs can negatively affect a patient's kidneys and liver, and a positive result cannot be achieved in a week. It is more beneficial for the body to use herbal medicines in combination with decoctions and infusions recommended by traditional medicine.