The prevention of prostatitis and adenoma of the prostate: methods and tools

The prevention of prostatitis and adenoma of the prostate

The normal diameter of the prostate - not more than 4, But this small organ is capable of delivering a man of big trouble. Pain, difficulty urinating, erection problems, here are the most common signs of prostate disease. On how to prevent them, read our article.

Prostatitis and adenoma of the prostate: for the prevention?

The two most common men's problems: prostatitis and adenoma of the prostate, it is the same - benign prostatic hyperplasia. The first suffers from a disease up to half of the male population of the planet most of all ages. The second disease mainly affects those who are older, but unmistakable: among the 40 years of the adenoma of the prostate is detected in 40% and 80 years of age its prevalence reaches 90%.

The causes of these diseases are different. If the prostatitis first he will an infection or slowly, producing inflammation as the consequence of the stagnation and the common cold phenomena in the pelvic region, while the adenoma of the prostate in the first plan of hormonal balance, and it is the relationship between the two factions of testosterone: free testosterone and the modified form under the name of "dht". It is under the influence of dihydrotestosterone and increases the prostate. Until the young man's, free testosterone limit of this process, but with age, its quantity decreases, while the level of dihydrotestosterone increases. And triggers hyperplasia of the authority. Unfortunately, as something to regulate this process in a natural way, without the connection of prescription drugs, it is therefore impossible to speak of the prevention of adenoma of the prostate is quite difficult.

One other thing - the prostatitis. For once the infection safely has evolved, need a set of predisposing factors:

  • The disordered sexual life without the use of contraception — the cause of the ingestion of the infection.
  • A sedentary lifestyle, the sedentary work and the chronic constipation - disturbance factors from the circulation in the basin.
  • Of foci of chronic infection, cause a decrease of immune defences of the organism.
  • The lack of sleep, chronic stress, overtraining, frequent hypothermia undermine the resistance of the organism in general.

It is the elimination of the data of predisposing factors and is the basis of the prevention of prostatitis.

Primary or secondary prevention of prostatitis

Any prevention of a disease, including inflammation of the prostate, can be primary or secondary. Primary prevention involves prevention of the disease as such, until a healthy person. When the prostatitis usually, it is a severe form of this disease, which is actually an infection that affects the tissue of the gland.

Secondary prevention involves the prevention of exacerbations and relapses already of the disease. Here usually a chronic prostatitis, prevent the worsening of which the task of the patient and his doctor.

For more details and more specifically about the prevention of prostatitis, we will mention the modern classification of this pathology:

  1. Prostatitis acute bacterial.
  2. Chronic prostatitis bacterial.
  3. Cider chronic pelvic pain: with inflammation and without inflammation
  4. Inflammatory prostatitis asymptomatic.

It is obvious that the means of prevention of prostatitis acute bacterial and syndrome of pelvic pain without inflammation (when there are all the typical symptoms, but upon examination, the source of the infection is not found, and in the secret within is not leukocytes, speaking of the inflammation) will be different.

It is obvious that the means of prevention of prostatitis acute bacterial and syndrome of pelvic pain without inflammation (when there are all the typical symptoms, but upon examination, the source of the infection is not found, and in the secret within is not leukocytes, speaking of the inflammation) will be different.

The prevention of prostatitis infectious

Under this concept, you can define acute and chronic prostatitis, bacterial (when inflammatory syndrome of chronic pelvic pain source of the infection is not detected). The most common pathogens of prostatitis acute - pathogenic escherichia coli, klebsiella, proteus, pseudomonas aeruginosa. When the chronic prostatitis increases the role of the flora, pathogen, sexually transmitted disease, like chlamydia or other infections pathogens. Therefore, for the prevention of prostatitis is extremely important for the personal hygiene and sexual relations. The non-use of contraception increases the risk of developing an infection.

It is important! Necessarily have the time to treat the foci of infection, including having no relationship to the case, such as diseased teeth and tonsils. The infection can be spread with the current of blood in any part of the body, this method of transfer of microbes called gematogennim.

Some doctors believe that the appearance of prostatitis infectious precedes the reflux flow of urine in the prostate of the urethra, which occurs when the pressure increases to the inside of the urethra. With the urine in the prostate is infection.

Of course, you should pay attention and take actions that increase the ability of general resistance of the organism. It is a good nutrition with enough protein, vitamins and minerals, with counter, exercise, sleep.

Prevention "stagnant of prostatitis and adenoma of the prostate

Strictly speaking, modern medicine operates under the concept of "stagnation of prostatitis" is the name is not used since at least the end of the last century, when the first has been formulated in the modern classification. With a great effort of imagination, we can call the syndrome of chronic pelvic pain with inflammation or without inflammation of the nature, where it is characteristic of the pain of the event and other issues, but because of the secrecy of the prostate fails to allocate micro-organisms that could be the cause of the inflammation and the pain.

To prevent this problem, first of all, you will need to change the way of life:

  • ensure that regular motor activity;
  • dress for the weather, avoiding hypothermia;
  • limit alcohol;
  • avoid sharp, spicy and fatty foods;
  • provide a sufficient amount of dietary fibre in the diet: vegetables, fruits, whole grains, his - for the prevention of constipation.

Has a value of regular sexual activity with the use of contraception.

During a physical activity for the prevention of prostatitis need some specific exercises. But if you take the time at least a half-hour walk doesn't work, you can take advantage of Kegel exercise for the pelvic floor muscles. By the way, this exercise is effective for the prevention not only of prostatitis, but and hemorrhoids.

In the variant for men a Kegel exercise involves tension in the muscles pubo-coccygienne. To find it, you have to try to interrupt the process of urination - voltage appears as a time in the muscle. For a start, you can exercise, directly 5-7 times in a row to interrupt the process. Later, when it becomes clear, where is the muscle and the way of feeling stress, do Kegel exercises can be in any position and in any conditions.

Another option desired detection of the muscle try to the power of the thought to raise erect the sexual organ.

The same recommendations regarding the mode of life and the physical activity will help to slow down the development of symptoms of hypertrophy of the prostate. The specific prevention of this disease, as has already been mentioned, is not developed. But in the development of the disease play a role, not only of hormones, but the inflammation aseptic, causing swelling of the gland and improvement in symptoms. The normalization of blood circulation will help reduce the swelling and, therefore, obstruction of the urinary tract.

What can we drink for the prevention of prostatitis: remedies

While the doctors have not found evidence of effectiveness of a folk remedy for the prevention of prostatitis or adenoma of the prostate. So, to start the prevention with the appointment of imagine of drugs, and the receipt of remedies is simply not worth it, it is best to consult a doctor.

As regards the prevention of the herbs, and then indirectly by increasing the resistance of the body can help herbal echinacea, rhodiola rosea, ginseng and these tools. It is important to note: they increase the blood pressure and because compared with high blood pressure. Improve the tone of veins and therefore the blood circulation in the legs and pelvis can herbal preparations with the effect of the increase of the flow venous. It is herbal based extracts of horse chestnut, japanese sophora, eucalyptus, ginkgo (it is advisable to exercise caution in cases of hypertension!), red vine leaves and grapes.

If the prostate or the first symptoms of the adenoma of the prostate gland causing difficulty in passing urine, in any case, you can't use the diuretics of the grass-type cranberry or bearberry. Such means are good with cystitis, when the pain and pain during urination is caused by the inflammation is in the bladder, the urine is used as a kind of leach-water, mechanical removal of infectious agents of the mucosa. When the prostatitis even to the bladder and urethra is not surprised. The problem is that their shakes prostate, swollen because of inflammation or the extent because of the hypertrophy. And the increase in the volume of urine under the action of the diuretic herbs that worsen the condition, in effect, the reflux will already be difficult.

Pharmacological prevention of prostatitis

If it is the secondary prevention of prostatitis, it is the prevention of exacerbations or the prevention of the growth already existing, of the benign prostatic hyperplasia, the doctor and only a doctor can prescribe medicine and the BAD. Because of the effective ways without side effects does not exist, all of these tools, including ADB, must appoint a specialist, taking into account the characteristics of the patient's state of health.

Prostatitis and adenoma of the prostate are serious problems, requiring an integrated approach to prevention and treatment. A good diet, regular exercise, regular sexual activity helps maintain the health of men and to prolong the active life.