The measures of prevention of prostatitis in men

The complete cure of prostatitis - the incredible success for the patient and his doctor. Often possible to achieve only decrease the symptoms and the transition of inflammation in the sluggish, chronic, leads to adenoma. The prevention of prostatitis - the only way to protect against the disease and its consequences.

The inflammation of the prostate gland is the most common urologic disease among the male population, the proportion of patients are men of working age (25 to 40 years old). Among all patients in the 45-55%. People aged 50 years show signs of inflammation of the prostate in 50% of cases, and 80 years of age of the disease for 90% of patients. In 80% of cases, prostatitis is transformed into an adenoma, which passes in a short period of time in the cancer of the prostate in one-third of patients.

The prostate massage

Social and economic, the importance of prostatitis is quite large. The psychological tension who knows the patient because of the symptoms of the disease is the negative of the manifestation in the world of work and family life, leads to a decrease of the effectiveness, the efficiency, of the social activity of the patient. In the families of these men often persists a tense atmosphere between the spouses, leading to cardiovascular disease and psychological diseases of the two. The treatment of prostatitis requires not only large expenditures ill, but time and cost on the part of the medical staff.

In conjunction with the relative duration and the chert of treatment is understandable the importance of prevention in the fight against the disease. For an understanding of the principles of prevention of prostatitis, you must know the causes and forms of the disease, as well as the preventive measures are in this regard, several of vary.

The forms of the disease

Depending on the cause, the distinction of infectious and non-infectious, prostatitis. Fight against infections caused by bacteria or viruses that fall into the prostate through the urine, and displays the channel (the urethra), with a current blood or lymph, or of the kidneys and the bladder. Non-infectious prostatitis is called stagnant phenomena in the body, and subsequently embarrassed by the outputs of products of cellular metabolism, grows, poisoning them.

Downstream emit acute and chronic inflammation of the prostate. The acute form most often has an infectious nature and is accompanied by the symptomatology. Chronic prostatitis may be the result of a poorly or is not up to the end healed acute, or, more frequently develops as a result of the stagnation in the pelvic organs. The chronic form occurs normally in the form of alternating periods of asymptomatic currents and periods of exacerbation.


We distinguish between the primary and secondary prevention of the inflammation of the prostate.

Primary prevention involves measures to prevent the onset of disease, secondary – actions to prevent the recurrence of the disease after drug treatment.

Prostatitis infectious

The primary prevention of prostatitis is infectious is in the first place, in the prevention of the ingress of micro-organisms in the urethra. To do this, you need to:

  • the use of a condom during sexual intercourse;
  • the exception of unprotected sex, and a sexual partner except anal contact, or the use in the course of their commission of the condoms;
  • delivery and personal hygiene and replacement of underwear, at least the 1st time in 2 days (usually every day), because the microflora present on the machine is able to penetrate into the urethra, and the result of its displacement in the prostate.
  • the treatment of foci of infection in the surrounding tissues, and upstream of the organs of the urinary tract - kidneys, bladder;
  • an exception disordered sexual relations, even if the use of the condom;
  • the performance of sexual acts, following the authorization of the toilet of the genitals at least 15-30 minutes before the feeling of coitus.

Non-infectious prostatitis

The primary prevention of non-infectious prostatitis is to prevent prolonged or repetitive episodes of stagnation of the circulation of fluids in the pelvic organs (blood, lymph, the secret of the prostate). Non-infectious inflammation of the prostate is a disease of civilization, a disease of life style. The modern society is a society that is very mobile, with the combination of the low mobility and sitting posture, which is the most harmful to the pelvic organs. Prevention therefore assumes:

  • the lesson is not heavy in water sports, mobile, dynamic, order of games;
  • the occupation of the jog in the morning or physiotherapy specifically tailored exercises
  • the increase of the mobility if the sedentary work (in this case, the increase of the mobility implies not as much of a sport or a physical activity outside of work, how the integration of mobility in this work – squats, walks, elements of the dance every 2-2,5 hours spent in a sitting position);
  • a good implementation of a key provided by the man in the function of the sexual act (reduction or elimination of breaks between episodes of sexual intercourse);
  • animals temporary replacement pass for a sex contact masturbation (the meaning of which in the maintenance of tone neuro-muscular, a component of the erection of the activation of the circulation and of the update of the secret of the prostate).

Secondary prevention

Secondary prevention, acute and worsening of chronic inflammation of the prostate involves not only the proper observance of the requirements of primary prevention, but also the adoption of measures of prevention, given the understanding of this disease. Prostatitis is usually:

  • have seasonality – most often develops or worsens in the fall and winter and winter and spring;
  • characterized by people who lead irregular sexual life;
  • common among people with often urethritis, cystitis, constipation;
  • pass into a chronic form after is not completely healed from prostatitis acute;
  • manifests itself in mild forms, but with a high frequency when sufficiently abundant to drink;
  • occur with frequent episodes of conscious of the delay of urination;
  • meet at a more advanced age.

Accordingly, secondary prevention involves:

  • wear warm clothes, especially, warming the lower back and the groin area, in the cold of the off-season;
  • the increase of the frequency of the sexual contacts of people who use irregular sexual life, more than once, which have endured in the past, prostatitis, acute;
  • the prevention of the receipt chosen by the doctor for medication at the slightest sign of inflammatory diseases of the genital organs;
  • adequate, specialized treatment has emerged for the first time in prostatitis and acute aggravations of the chronic;
  • take every day a large quantity of liquid;
  • implementation of recommend to urinate without delay;and
  • systematic (once a year) to visit a urologist for diagnosis (digital rectal examination).

The diet and prostatitis

For the prevention of some importance is the power supply. The negative impact on the prostate is the obesity due to the ability of adipose tissue to secrete estrogen, have a negative impact on the production of testosterone. Testosterone in the form the active form is a major stimulant for the cells of the prostate. A decrease in its concentration leads to stagnation in the prostate gland and inflammation. As a result, the diet should be focused on the reduction of lipid concentrations in the blood. To do this:

  • the maximum, but not to completely eliminate fatty foods and fried food (not completely, because cholesterol is required for testosterone synthesis);
  • completely eliminate beer and other alcohol;
  • reduce the amount of spices in the food, limit acute food;
  • reduce the amount of fast carbs in the blood (sugar, candy, cake, chocolate);
  • to improve the flow of secretions of the prostate consume alfalfa, chlorophyll, hydrangeas in bio-additives;
  • to improve the circulation of blood take extract of ginko-biloba;
  • for the stimulation of the flow of venous include in the diet of ginseng, royal jelly, honey.


Prostatitis is a disease in the development of that a great responsibility rests on the male. The presence in his life and the main causes of the disease, such as infections of the urinary tract, the temperance, a sedentary way of life – a consequence of the conscious or of the unconscious, of inaction, frivolous, approach to his health. Unfortunately, most men begin to move forward in their health and to try to get rid of prostatitis only when prevention is already powerless – when all the measures will have no effect.